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Articles tagged with: Meditation

Yoga Magic

on Tuesday, 11 July 2017.

Tools for living easily
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I found these wonderful words of wisdom on the Internet, as one does regularly nowadays, and it explains very clearly the magic of what happens with the regular practice of Yoga (embracing not just the asana but also the meditation).

The word perception means “to see.” But it means seeing with more than just the physical eyes. It means more than just to understand, but “to realize.” The English word “understand” implies a duality, as if you’re standing under something. But to really realize something is to immerse yourself and have a complete experience of it—to become with that something. And what is realized, or perceived, during samadhi is the one-ness of being. Otherness disappears as you see your own Self in others, revealing that only Love is real.

Tools in our belt

on Wednesday, 24 May 2017.

Equipping ourselves the best we can as coping mechanisms
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Time flies by and  more than ever it's not waiting for any man, woman or beast to wake up, make decisions, make changes, laugh more, complain less, help wherever possible, love unconditionally and get in touch with your own real self. There really is no time like the PRESENT to do what you have postponed, there might not be that chance again. I recently said my goodbyes to a beautiful, talented and open- hearted friend, taken from this earth as her time here was done. As short as her time here was, she was blessed with enormous challenges, found true love, shone her light and love literally all around her and shared her talents so freely with those she knew. From her I learned to be more courageous, to strive for unconditional love, to embrace my inquiring mind and endless evolving SPIRIT. In her memory I will try to always complete what I start, to persevere and not be so critical of the process. Patience is definately what i need to develop more of and will strive to do so.

The more time I spend on my mat, whether in quiet meditation or moving meditation, the closer I feel I become with what really matters. There really is only one reality, the one we are in right now. Finding  faith, to  trust that all is as it's meant to be, might just be the secret we need to remain peaceful and calm in all situations. Once we connect at this deep level, we cannot help but take care of those around us, in our communities and our Natural environment.

Yoga breathing is an essential tool in our tool belt of coping mechanisms. By simply connecting with a quiet, calm slow and full breath, we change from the normal flight and fight mode to the parasympathetic system of calm mind and body.

Can it possibly get any easier ? Try it for about 5 minutes a day and see for yourselves. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and will help motivate and encourage others in need.

Daily Dramas

on Wednesday, 29 July 2015.

Depleted energy levels
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Daily Dramas

 Namaste, I once read a comment that went something like this :” I have experienced many good and bad adventures in my life, some of which actually really happened. “

This comes as a result of our ever active minds, constantly playing out these dramas for us. So much so that we have more mental experiences than actual physical realities. How many times do we start a thought, mostly in fear, then we elaborate and create the most amazing non-event resulting in a deep sense of stress as the physical body responds to the mental activity ? We need to detach from these thoughts, not follow them through and feed them with more attention. Detach and acknowledge them but not feed them. This way we can control our stress levels by showing observation but non  attachment to our thoughts, both positive as well as negative. Negative thoughts result in the activation of the sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight responses will then be ready to respond. This can be exhausting, overtaxing and even result in disease if done often enough. It fully depletes the energy levels.By attaching to a thought, we become so sucked into the drama, we are unable to focus on our tasks we need to complete.This is human nature, by simply behaving in this way we will never achieve any sense of inner peace. “When your thoughts pass, you will be in the clear sky of your mind.”

Meditation, of any style, is perfect for teaching you this observation and non attachment. This new tool will be of great benefit when you are on your mats as well. Meditation teaches us what I refer to as the 3 R’s.  Relaxation, Release and Revive. These 3 are inseparable and cannot work alone. Without relaxation you cannot revive, without releasing you cannot fully relax etc.  Yoga teaches us that we need to move quietly into a posture, stay in it with sthira and sukha, (steadiness and comfort) to fully receive the intended benefits of the postures. Initially we need to build up enough strength to be able to hold the postures long enough for relaxation to take place, but over time, it does happen and then we start experiencing AHA moment on our mats.  These moments are worth their weight in gold for the rewards they bring to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

So keeping this in mind, take care to not neglect your time with yourself on your own private magic carpet !

Ahimsa ;



on Thursday, 25 June 2015.

Mid year 2015
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So I find myself happily back at home after being on the road for a good few months, since 12th April in fact. Here we are half way through 2015 and our winter solstice has been and gone. As much as I love travel and sharing my passions for both nature and Yoga, it is always wonderful to come home to the space I have created for my own peace and quiet. So my love of yoga and adventure took me into the Bush and the Beach for 4 weeks with a group of visually impaired Germans. We had so much fun with them, they are so adventurous and teach us so much about how to appreciate everything we have and to live in each and every moment. I had them surfing in Sodwana Bay, yes, really I have photos to prove it ! A very wild boat trip 2km out to sea to snorkel a shallow reef , kayaking, game drives, yoga and so much more ! I have learned that we are either living in fear or in love, these two emotions rule all the others. It is fear that prevents us from being the best we can be, it's fear that stops us from truly living. It is through love that we find our passion, see light in all others and really LIVE, as in THRIVE. It is my deepest desire to stay permanently in this state of LOVE, so I can inspire, enjoy and dance through the rest of my life with ease, compassion and much joy. If we take our time on our mats, both for the asana practice and then more importantly for the meditation sitting, we will find this inner peace, this Love which we can then take off the mats and out into our daily lives. This is the only way to make positive changes so urgently needed in our world today.

Peace be with you all, AHIMSA

Cheryl Lancellas

Love This Life Festival Kzn

on Wednesday, 12 November 2014. Posted in General

Feedback from our recent festival
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Love This Life Festival Kzn

Namaste, Hari Om and IKosi Nathi. As I sigh into my couch and settle down with my laptop to write this article I feel huge gratitude for my never ending high energy levels ! Putting this event together really did take its toll and I opened the festival with a short meditation for peace on saturday with dark marks under my eyes and not nearly as much mental clarity as I am used to. The day proceeded to unfold in an orderly and well attended fashion, despite my fears and sense of responsibility to one and all. I take out of this a very good lesson as I move forward on my yogic journey. Have faith ! Have a plan, work hard to achieve it, and then have the faith to allow things to unfold without attachment to the outcome. I guess its a good example of the word "equanimity" that I first heard while on the hardest 10 day Vipassana retreat of my life to date ! Equanimity, is a state of psychological stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain, or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind. While it sounds wonderful, in reality its not so easy.I think we need to bring this word into the upcoming festive season in order to try and maintain our inner balance throughout. Despite our well meant decisions to take this year easy and NOT fall into the trap of silly season madness, it is difficult maintaining our equalibrium when the pressures of celebrating being happy and jovial surround us. Maybe the key to keeping this equanimity throughout is to keep it simple. Why not go back to basics and remember that its the gift of life we are celebrating here, so  avoid celebrating this by causing pain and suffering in the lives of others (animals included). To help the environment as well as avoid unnecessary over spending, I will be gifting tokens of my energy to friends and family. Time and energy are the most precious gifts of all, so this is what I will be offering. My "specialities" to my loved ones and in doing so I remove the angst and fever pitched shopping from weeks to come ! I do hope you are all able to find your own equanimity in the midst of it all. Deep gratitude for this ever challenging life of ours, take it out the studio and into your lives. Ahimsa


Spring, a Time to move

on Tuesday, 30 September 2014.

Awaken the locked energy and "Find Your Flow"
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So here we are again rising on the crest of the wave towards Summer. (for those of us down south) . This is my favourite of all seasons. It is a time where I feel most energised, need less fuel and want to be as creative as possible. For me the day starts with the first chirping of the birds, the promise of the new day and all the adventures and possibilities it brings. If I do not make time to sit quietly in contemplation or meditation before starting my day, it just does not unfold with as much ease or flow. The best time for me is 4.30 am as it is still quiet and calm outside. As we all know now, we are all just bundles of energy, vibrations at different frequencies. These vibrations predict our energy levels the state of health of the body , mind and spirit. If we lead sluggish inactive lives, energy blockages are formed and naturally this prevents the flow of energy throughout all of the layers. A good open flow results in good health which radiates outwards and is tangible in all ways. Blockages however, result in lethargy, illness and mental sluggishness. Ironically it is through movement that we are better able to become still and learn how to create the "heaven on earth" we all desire. The mind is also movement or energy. The body is the manifestation of this movement. By moving the body and releasing blocked energy, allowing the natural flow of energy, we are assured of a calmer more peaceful mind. This in turn keeps better control over our emotions as well as our spiritual state. We then have more focus and mental clarity with a better chance for manifesting our deepest desires. We cannot create what we have not yet identified as a desire. We are all spirits having a physical experience as we ride the rivers of life together. Once we grow in coherance we become co-creators of this incredible universe. The rivers of life carry us along towards the ocean, where we once again meld into oneness. A drop in the all encompassing mass of oceans. Get moving so you can find stillness. By being still you will find your flow. Join us for our last dolphin/yoga therapy 15-21st October into Mozambique. This is truly an experience that is life changing and is not named "Finding Your Flow " for nothing. Until next time Ahimsa Cheryl


on Sunday, 18 May 2014.

The need for being centred
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Has anyone else found life just a tad more stressful, tedious and frustrating in the past week or so ? It felt like for every on small step forward there were 2 giant steps backwards ! Hopefully this is the final effects of Mars and all its influences. I am certain that this world has never before known such a high rate of suicides either.

Feeling the stress of the past week,  I took  yesterday off and enjoyed a great morning yoga class at Jivananda Centre with Christine and my friend Glenda. After enjoying brunch together I paid my first visit to the Durban Botanical gardens. What a pleasure it was walking around under these century old trees, capturing the dancing light and watching parents with their children and lovers lying side by side soaking up the winter sun ! Two hours later I emerged back out into the city sounds and felt 100% healed by Mother nature herself. My walk had been a  cleansing meditation, enjoying the natural beauty, the birdlife, fellow humans and peacefulness.

The very existence of these trees are so healing and yet how many of us stop and appreciate them. Not only are they the lungs of Mother Earth but they are continuously cleaning up after us. Providing us with our vital, life giving oxygen. I came back home restored, energised and ready for new challenges.

Thank you mother nature for providing all that we need, all we have to do is a little research and the solutions are there.



Yoga safaris

on Thursday, 10 April 2014.

Bush to beach
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Yoga safaris

Namaste, it has been a while since I was able to sit down and write an article for this page. 2014 certainly started in top gear and proceeded to fly downhill ! Hard to believe that we are already here ¼ way into the year. The Yoga Safaris and holidays have certainly kept me on the road for the last few weeks. It is always so enjoyable to be able to share my passion for this wonderful country, our wildlife and yoga. The energy of the great outdoors lends itself perfectly to the open air practice of asanas and pranayamas. Taking a Yoga trip is so much more than your average holiday. It is fun, rejuvenating, adventurous as well as educational !  We are all truly blessed to be able to share time with like- minded people , our enjoyment of travel, adventure combined  with our love of yoga.

The Bush to Beach Safaris are a great combination of what this country of ours has to offer. There are a  two options for these trips.  Firstly we offer the  5 star safaris, everything laid on with luxurious accommodation OR the 3 star option. (this option is great for locals looking for a group to travel with) Both of these are fun, fun, fun and much adventure. We take the first few days on the beach to enjoy everything the Indian Ocean has to offer, then move across to the bush and experience the wildness of the heart  of Africa herself !  From dolphins and whales, to elephants and rhinos all in the same day ! What a country, what a life. Come join in ….

In closing I am starting to put together the next festival here in KZN and we looking at maybe sometime early December .  Its going to be the “Love this life” festival so start thinking of what you would like to find at it because we are running a competition from next week.

Much love and health to you all

Ahimsa, Cheryl

Heart warming 14th February

on Friday, 14 February 2014.

Being present
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Heart warming 14th February

Mindfulness is the energy of being aware and awake to the present moment. It is the continuous practice of touching life deeply in every moment of daily life.

To be mindful is to be truly alive, present and at one with those around you and with what you are doing. If we managed to truly grasp this, there would be no more pain, suffering and violence on this planet. We would remain in touch with ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbours and therefore incapable of doing harm to either ourselves or to them. This is the true meaning of the Sanskrit word “AHIMSA”, one of 5 of the disciplines under the Sanskrit heading  of Yamas in yogic  philosophy. Seeing as today is Valentines  day today, we have hearts, love and sweet things screaming out at us from all aspects of the media. Is it so hard to demonstrate love on a daily basis that we take only 1 day to celebrate this,the true meaning of life, LOVE ? By trying to adhere to the true meaning of Ahimsa, which is non-violence in thought, action or deed to ANY living creature, we could change our realities into a much more harmonious one.  We would be demonstrating a more loving and caring environment for our children to inherit and in turn pass along to their children. There has NEVER before in the history of mankind, been a more necessary time to take heed of this practice. Everywhere you read and hear about the senseless violence of poaching, killing of the dolphins in Taiji, whales in Denmark, water supplies being polluted,food products filled with chemicals, carjacks, hijacks, “boatjacks” and now kidnapping of families for ransom money from their  husbands.  The list of atrocities is endless ! And we have the audacity to call ourselves “ modern  and evolved man”. Does this strike you, as it does me,  as madness ?  If you are even only half human, I am certain it does . What can we do about making the changes necessary to create a better world for ourselves and our children ? It is such an enormous task that most of us shrink away from trying to do anything. After all, how can I ,one little soul, make a difference in the larger plan of things ? Well, we are more connected and therefore much more influential than we ever dreamed. Ever heard of the 100th monkey effect ?  Read up on it here, a very interesting event that took place and was duly noted. This explains how the “collective consciousness works”  and how we can start the changes we want to see in our world. It’s simple, be the change that you want to see, in your home, in your community, in your country and eventually we will have shared so much loving and peaceful energy, it HAS to spill over into the lives and homes of everyone. Try doing this with love, conviction and purely from your hearts. Let’s make these changes, NOW, this moment, and this moment, and this moment.


Open those hearts to love and light, daily, not just 14th February, and make a difference !

Much Love



Self empowerment

on Tuesday, 07 January 2014.

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Self empowerment

Warm wishes to you all at the beginning of a brand new year !  Here's hoping we can open our hearts and lighten our minds more and more this year !

Let 2014 be the year for you, make it exactly what it needs to be for your own personal growth and development. (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually)

I have dedicated this year 2014 to LOVE ! I intend to open my heart to be loved and to love every sentient being on this Earth, fully and in every possible way.

Here at S A Yoga Safaris the new year kicks off with a dolphin/yoga therapy trip at the end of Feb. (fully booked) with many other dates already on offer for weekend and week long retreats. Please take note of the "locals only " Bush to beach safari in June. This is a most affordable trip for like minded yogis and yoginis to enjoy the big 5, ocean 6 and plenty of time on the mat in unique and wonderful natural surroundings.

February also marks the start of the 200 hr teacher training course of 2014. Please make sure to register before the end of January as numbers are restricted to 10 students only. This course runs over one weekend a month throughout the year and we are affiliated with UK Yoga Alliance so it is an Internationally accredited certification . There is no better way to take your own personal Yoga to the next level. Be empowered by gaining a deeper understanding of Yoga and the effects on your body. Learn to share this new knowledge with others in your area, spread the love of movement, meditation and self control as far and wide as possible. Let's make the changes we want to see in this world !

Looking out for you on the mat




Cheryl Lancellas / Fully-qualified Yoga Teacher
Contact: (+27)(0) 32 586 1219   ~   (+27)(0) 84 090 2083   ~   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.