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Articles tagged with: Dolphin therapy


on Thursday, 25 June 2015.

Mid year 2015
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So I find myself happily back at home after being on the road for a good few months, since 12th April in fact. Here we are half way through 2015 and our winter solstice has been and gone. As much as I love travel and sharing my passions for both nature and Yoga, it is always wonderful to come home to the space I have created for my own peace and quiet. So my love of yoga and adventure took me into the Bush and the Beach for 4 weeks with a group of visually impaired Germans. We had so much fun with them, they are so adventurous and teach us so much about how to appreciate everything we have and to live in each and every moment. I had them surfing in Sodwana Bay, yes, really I have photos to prove it ! A very wild boat trip 2km out to sea to snorkel a shallow reef , kayaking, game drives, yoga and so much more ! I have learned that we are either living in fear or in love, these two emotions rule all the others. It is fear that prevents us from being the best we can be, it's fear that stops us from truly living. It is through love that we find our passion, see light in all others and really LIVE, as in THRIVE. It is my deepest desire to stay permanently in this state of LOVE, so I can inspire, enjoy and dance through the rest of my life with ease, compassion and much joy. If we take our time on our mats, both for the asana practice and then more importantly for the meditation sitting, we will find this inner peace, this Love which we can then take off the mats and out into our daily lives. This is the only way to make positive changes so urgently needed in our world today.

Peace be with you all, AHIMSA

Cheryl Lancellas

Spring, a Time to move

on Tuesday, 30 September 2014.

Awaken the locked energy and "Find Your Flow"
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So here we are again rising on the crest of the wave towards Summer. (for those of us down south) . This is my favourite of all seasons. It is a time where I feel most energised, need less fuel and want to be as creative as possible. For me the day starts with the first chirping of the birds, the promise of the new day and all the adventures and possibilities it brings. If I do not make time to sit quietly in contemplation or meditation before starting my day, it just does not unfold with as much ease or flow. The best time for me is 4.30 am as it is still quiet and calm outside. As we all know now, we are all just bundles of energy, vibrations at different frequencies. These vibrations predict our energy levels the state of health of the body , mind and spirit. If we lead sluggish inactive lives, energy blockages are formed and naturally this prevents the flow of energy throughout all of the layers. A good open flow results in good health which radiates outwards and is tangible in all ways. Blockages however, result in lethargy, illness and mental sluggishness. Ironically it is through movement that we are better able to become still and learn how to create the "heaven on earth" we all desire. The mind is also movement or energy. The body is the manifestation of this movement. By moving the body and releasing blocked energy, allowing the natural flow of energy, we are assured of a calmer more peaceful mind. This in turn keeps better control over our emotions as well as our spiritual state. We then have more focus and mental clarity with a better chance for manifesting our deepest desires. We cannot create what we have not yet identified as a desire. We are all spirits having a physical experience as we ride the rivers of life together. Once we grow in coherance we become co-creators of this incredible universe. The rivers of life carry us along towards the ocean, where we once again meld into oneness. A drop in the all encompassing mass of oceans. Get moving so you can find stillness. By being still you will find your flow. Join us for our last dolphin/yoga therapy 15-21st October into Mozambique. This is truly an experience that is life changing and is not named "Finding Your Flow " for nothing. Until next time Ahimsa Cheryl

Yoga safaris

on Thursday, 10 April 2014.

Bush to beach
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Yoga safaris

Namaste, it has been a while since I was able to sit down and write an article for this page. 2014 certainly started in top gear and proceeded to fly downhill ! Hard to believe that we are already here ¼ way into the year. The Yoga Safaris and holidays have certainly kept me on the road for the last few weeks. It is always so enjoyable to be able to share my passion for this wonderful country, our wildlife and yoga. The energy of the great outdoors lends itself perfectly to the open air practice of asanas and pranayamas. Taking a Yoga trip is so much more than your average holiday. It is fun, rejuvenating, adventurous as well as educational !  We are all truly blessed to be able to share time with like- minded people , our enjoyment of travel, adventure combined  with our love of yoga.

The Bush to Beach Safaris are a great combination of what this country of ours has to offer. There are a  two options for these trips.  Firstly we offer the  5 star safaris, everything laid on with luxurious accommodation OR the 3 star option. (this option is great for locals looking for a group to travel with) Both of these are fun, fun, fun and much adventure. We take the first few days on the beach to enjoy everything the Indian Ocean has to offer, then move across to the bush and experience the wildness of the heart  of Africa herself !  From dolphins and whales, to elephants and rhinos all in the same day ! What a country, what a life. Come join in ….

In closing I am starting to put together the next festival here in KZN and we looking at maybe sometime early December .  Its going to be the “Love this life” festival so start thinking of what you would like to find at it because we are running a competition from next week.

Much love and health to you all

Ahimsa, Cheryl

Walk gently with Grace and Ease !

on Thursday, 24 October 2013. Posted in General

Flow gracefully move easily
4.8/5 rating (5 votes)

Walk gently with Grace and Ease !

Well here we are again just weeks away from winding down for the year 2013 ! The last 2 months of the year seem to be more pressurised than any others .  There’s  end of year exams,  end of year  targets to be met, end of year  functions to be arranged and of course, the decisions to be made about where and with whom  Christmas will be shared. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my students on the teacher Training course as well as ALL students everywhere, all of the very best in their studies and preparations for finals.

If you have started with short sittings of meditation practice you will most definitely see how you manage the year end pressures with gentle ease and grace. Take just 10-15 minutes a day to enhance your life, it’s that easy ! If you would like to find more information of both yoga classes and meditation techniques e mail me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will help wherever I can. It’s never too late to make small changes that have long lasting benefits.

We are leaving for the last yoga/dolphin therapy trip  for 2013 on 24th to 30th November and still have 2 beds left. This is R5900 pp sharing and is inclusive of transport to and from King Shaka airport, dinner, bed and breakfast, x 2 daily yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditations plus  x 2 trips on dolphin boat. It is a wonderful adventure offering a combination of relaxation with dolphin encounters as well as taking your Yoga a little deeper. We stay right on the beach so are able to enjoy sun salutations with nothing between us and the sun we are celebrating except of  course, the Indian ocean !  I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in joining us for this excursion.

In closing I would like to add some food for thought :

The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own  life is the source from which  self-respect springs. “  Joan Didion

Energy body

on Sunday, 28 July 2013. Posted in Quotes and Lessons

energy does matter
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Energy body

When i go on my Yoga retreats or trips, I always have a plan or general thought of what I will be offering over the few days. Without fail, the collective energy of the group ends up dictating what we actually end up studying ! While in Mozambique recently, we went to work through healing with a little help from our cetaceans (dolphins), yoga asanas and meditation. The week unfolded into a study of the energy centres of our bodies and how they influence and effect us. At the end of out time together we had formed a close bond of united energy, having collectively spent time discussing, thinking, moving, eating and sleeping. On our first trip out on the dolphin boat, as soon as we sighted the dolphins, everyone present had a huge grin on their faces . They never fail to pass on their "happy, vibrant energy" to us all in their close proximity. It is as if they do this intentionally and with love ! Instinctively we "pick" this vibe up and transfer it into an emotional response. It will never cease to amaze me ! Some people never venture into the ocean to swim with these magical creatures of Neptune's, content to view them from the surface gaining the same benefits ! It has been documented that dolphins gravitate to a pregnant human and show them much attention, as well as those we label "mentally challenged". This could be as simple as depression. The dolphins pick up on our energies and display great interest in certain people. They chatter and click away to us and each other, I'm sure they believe we understand them ! If we allow ourselves a little time of mediation each day, just that time alone in silence, we can tune into the space that allows us to feel the energy bodies of each and everyone. Some of us are already more in tune, while others need to practice and flex their energetic muscles so to speak. Training is all it requires, just like everything else on this Yogic journey, put in the time and you will reap the benefits. One of my teachers compare our minds to a muddy pond. In trying to clear this pond and gain better vision within, he suggests that each day you deposit a cupful of water. Many days of this and the mud will be less as the water becomes more, eventually clearing and visibility will be great ! Take the time spent on your mats as the cup full  of water and see the benefits over time. One step, one day and slowly everything becomes clear.

Courage, faith and love WILL get us where we aspire to be !



Sharpen the mind, harden the body, soften the heart !

on Wednesday, 29 May 2013. Posted in General

With Yoga
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Sharpen the mind, harden the body, soften the heart !

Namaste ! The second half of the year 2013 is looming on the horiizon. The past few weeks have been particulalrly busy, fast paced and a time bomb of emotions with all the partial eclipses we have experienced. Most of my friends and clients have not been particularly aware of these lunar events, yet everyone has noticed a certain amount of emotional turmoil or reactions. Last week was the Super moon of 2013. ( closest it comes to earth in the year.) While being spectacular to view at moonrise, it has a deep influence on our watery composition of our body. I kept up my lunar salutations, soft and gentle, it certainly helped to keep my emotions in check and connected most deeply with my feminine side. Take time in each day to do a mental self check. Ask yourself if you are aware of your breath, of your movements, of your thoughts, of your emotions, this will help internalise the many things we need to release and let go of in order to start the healing process on the cellular level. On my weekend retreat a while back, my saying was " Release, let go or be dragged !" Mindfully take stock and move forward feeling lighter, happier and more positive. Practice the breathing techniques as discussed previously and in a few days i will add the next one.

We still have a few places available for upcoming dolphin/yoga trip in Ponto July 21-26th R5500 per person.

Meanwhile, on and off the mat, tread gently, wisely and mindfully.



Most recent dolphin therapy yoga retreat

on Monday, 17 September 2012. Posted in Yoga Retreats

ponto do ouro, a treasure beyond measure
4.7/5 rating (3 votes)

Most recent dolphin therapy yoga retreat

We returned home from our 5 days yoga retreat in Ponto Do Ouro on friday, to a very wet weekend here in Durban. We were lucky enough to go out on 2 occasions with the whales and the dolphins. While swimming with the dolphins, we could hear the humpback whales singing in the distance. We had some amazing sightings and many breachings ! We were honored to have a few very proud mums come show us their babies, too cute ! If you look at the photo carefully, you will see the baby tucked in next to its mom.

The next dolphin retreat is planned for early in November if anyone would like to book.



Recent yoga safari

on Wednesday, 01 August 2012. Posted in General

In the bush, forest and beach
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Recent yoga safari

I dont think there is anywhere else in the world where you can wake up and go on a game drive, view the big 5, drive over the border for a swim with the wild dolphins, maybe throw in a dive with the Tiger sharks, put in an hour or so surf and then walk along the shore of Southern Africas largest lake and enjoy sundowners viewing the hippos. Oh, and I forgot, the most up close and personal sighting of a mother humpback and her calf. It would appear that all of this is available here in KwaZulu Natal ! What a treasure of experiences this area has to offer.

Anyone interested in joining us on our next adventure ?

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Upcoming Retreat Dates!

Written by Cheryl Lancellas on Sunday, 15 July 2012. Posted in Dates and Schedules

Book now to avoid disappointment!
5.0/5 rating (1 votes)

Upcoming Retreat Dates!
Luxury Yoga Holiday

Flamingo resort, Barra Beach, Inhambane- Mozambique
August 20-27th
Closing dates for reservations: 30th July

Dolphin/Yoga Therapy

Ponto do ouro, Mozambique
10th-14th September
Closing dates for reservations: 20th August

10 Day Intense Yoga Detox

Blue Butterfly, Tulbagh
25th September–4th October
Closing dates for reservations: 31st August

Family Yoga Fun Weekend

Blue Butterfly, Tulbagh
5th-7th October
Closing dates for reservations: 20th September

Swimming with the Dolphins

Written by Cheryl Lancellas on Tuesday, 13 March 2012. Posted in General

My recent visit to Mozambique
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Swimming with the Dolphins

The word “yoga” means “unity” or “oneness”. Once we connect with ourselves, it leads to a deeper connection with those around us. It helps us to feel at home with all species and life forms in this world of ours.

It is for this reason I have chosen to add a new retreat/holiday to our existing schedule.

I recently had the opportunity to visit up in Ponto do Ouro and to swim with the dolphins. These majestic creatures displayed such a deep connection with us. I was rather skeptical in the beginning, hopeful, but not really expecting the dolphins to come and play so readily. As our guide slid into the water, she will not let anyone in before she analyses their behaviour, the dolphins were all around her, rolling, diving, playing with see-weed, making eye contact, all the time.

We were signaled in and they interacted with us for what seemed like hours, I was completely in the moment. To my surprise they actually remained with us for a lengthy period before slowly moving on. The unity I experienced with these beautiful creatures was very real and definitely on a cellular level. It was a two-way experience; I felt that they too benefitted from having shared a little time with their fellow mammals.

It is a well known fact that dolphins scan humans and are very helpful as a form of therapy. This dolphin therapy comes highly recommended for: depression, disorders of the mental and nervous systems, communication problems, rejection, self esteem and so very many others.

For more information on the yoga/dolphin therapy or holidays, send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please send us a story if you have already had the privilege of interacting with these playful sea creatures.

Cheryl Lancellas / Fully-qualified Yoga Teacher
Contact: (+27)(0) 32 586 1219   ~   (+27)(0) 84 090 2083   ~   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.