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Tools in our belt

on Wednesday, 24 May 2017.

Equipping ourselves the best we can as coping mechanisms
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Tools in our belt

Time flies by and  more than ever it's not waiting for any man, woman or beast to wake up, make decisions, make changes, laugh more, complain less, help wherever possible, love unconditionally and get in touch with your own real self. There really is no time like the PRESENT to do what you have postponed, there might not be that chance again. I recently said my goodbyes to a beautiful, talented and open- hearted friend, taken from this earth as her time here was done. As short as her time here was, she was blessed with enormous challenges, found true love, shone her light and love literally all around her and shared her talents so freely with those she knew. From her I learned to be more courageous, to strive for unconditional love, to embrace my inquiring mind and endless evolving SPIRIT. In her memory I will try to always complete what I start, to persevere and not be so critical of the process. Patience is definately what i need to develop more of and will strive to do so.

The more time I spend on my mat, whether in quiet meditation or moving meditation, the closer I feel I become with what really matters. There really is only one reality, the one we are in right now. Finding  faith, to  trust that all is as it's meant to be, might just be the secret we need to remain peaceful and calm in all situations. Once we connect at this deep level, we cannot help but take care of those around us, in our communities and our Natural environment.

Yoga breathing is an essential tool in our tool belt of coping mechanisms. By simply connecting with a quiet, calm slow and full breath, we change from the normal flight and fight mode to the parasympathetic system of calm mind and body.

Can it possibly get any easier ? Try it for about 5 minutes a day and see for yourselves. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and will help motivate and encourage others in need.

Cheryl Lancellas / Fully-qualified Yoga Teacher
Contact: (+27)(0) 32 586 1219   ~   (+27)(0) 84 090 2083   ~   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.