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on Thursday, 04 April 2013. Posted in Quotes and Lessons

Stand tall
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Stand Tall

Drink lots of water

Go out on a limb

Branch out

Remember your roots

Enjoy the view

Well balanced bodies

on Thursday, 04 April 2013. Posted in Quotes and Lessons

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 Suddenly the cooler weather is upon us here in KZN but I just love the warm days we still experience right through  the winter months. It will be my 2nd winter here on East coast and I am loving it !  While taking a dip in the ocean last Tuesday it occurred to me that here in Ballito we have no excuse for depression, lethargy, negative thoughts etc. as all you need to do is take a plunge ! The warm Indian ocean is so healing, the salt content alone will change your mental state and the “fizz” of the white water is so energizing that it leaves you feeling ready to take on the world.  That is the “stoke”  surfers take with them  into their day , after they have their morning surf.  Only grumpy surfer I know of is the one who is unable to be in the water for reasons such as injury or other commitments.  Try it out for yourselves, it’s on your doorstep and it’s free !

Last week we discussed how we literally are what we eat. Staying with this vein of thought, here is another reason or two to be more aware of what we place in our mouths. Every 35 days our skin is replaced. Our liver is replaced about every month. These cells necessary for this rejuvenation are made up from the food we eat. So it is only logical that the quality of our nutritional intake is directly responsible for the types of cells which will be formed. What you eat, literally becomes you. You have a choice of what you wish to be made of. So remembering what we have discussed previously, try to eat as many of your “greens” as raw, fresh and organic as possible !  If you try to follow this rule, your physical body will remain energized and in a state of homeostasis (well-balanced). Capable of allowing you to concentrate more fully on the other all important bodies we are made up of.

Thought for the weekBalance ...

on Wednesday, 03 April 2013. Posted in Quotes and Lessons

Balance ...
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Thought for the weekBalance ...

“Life  is a balanced system of learning and evolution. Whether pleasure or  pain; every situation in your life serves a purpose. It is up to us to  recognize what that purpose could be.”

A Township Yogi Project

on Sunday, 24 March 2013. Posted in General

Seva yoga
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A Township Yogi Project


So yesterday morning I volunteered to help teach at the Township Yogi Project. This took place at Ohlange school, where  Madiba (Nelson Mandela) cast his first ever vote in 1994. The hall is full of photos and plaques as well as a larger than life statue of Nelson Mandela himself. This project was starte by Elle Mathews from Green shoot Films an she is making a documentary about Yoga changing the lives of HIV and Aids sufferers in KZN. Here in KZN we have 40% of the  Aids population living in our townships. That leaves a lot of children with one or no parents, an even lower income, very little support if any, lots of fear, insecurity and coupled with the usual township violence there is major trauma. So by taking an hour together to learn how to breathe with awareness, to stand tall, firm  and strong, to be gentle, to find an inner softness and peace, we hope to provide some tools to make life a little less stressful and a lot more joyful.

21 participants arrived just before the class. The ages ranged from 4 -60. They moved onto their mats, started the class with great focus and enthusiasm. The 4 year old did not leave his mat the entire class ! His focus and concentration was humbling, I have never seen such centreness by such a young man ever before. Georgie led the class through a “not so easy” session and they soldiered on, following each instruction with care and great  thought. There were 3 of us teachers walking around to corresct, help with alignment and provide encouragement where necessary. This certainly makes it easier to teach a large group of beginners and the risk of any injuries is decreased tenfold. One of the participants was shot in the knee and has difficulty walking properly. He decided he was not going to be a victim and walk with a limp like an “old man” as he explains it, so here he was, pushing his boundaries determined to fix and heal the damage caused by senseless violence. The great courage and love I felt in this room was indeed humbling. The deep state of relaxation they entered into at the end of the class was wonderful to see. Their  taut , tense little bodies were relaxed, their facial muscles soft, their eyes resting peacefully. I was honored to have been able to participate and I will certainly be back to join them all as they soldier on their journey towards love, light and peace.

If anyone wishes to help with the financing of this documentary please mail me for Elle Mathews details.



Eat live to live !

on Wednesday, 20 March 2013. Posted in General

Organic and fresh
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Eat live to live !


Namaste, you know the old agage  “You are what you eat” ?  Well I have known it for many years and still I find myself being surprised when I literally run out of fuel. This past week I have been very busy with the planning stages of a wellness fair for KZN, here in Umlali. This led to many meetings, mostly in restaurants. I tried as much as humanly possible to choose the healthiest option off the menu, eg. a salad with nuts and no creamy dressing as opposed to say fries and starch. Even with doing that, I fell absolutely flat yesterday afternoon. It is very rare that I take an afternoon lie down, never mind a nap.  Yesterday I volunteered at the litchi market for primates Africa and went home to find myself fast asleep for about 2 hours of my afternoon !  I was puzzled at first and then put 2 and 2 together. With 2 of my meals a day for the last 5 days, mostly been at restaurants, I was depleted of the “normal” nutritional food my body is used to! I am sure if everyone took  the time to monitor their eating behaviour, you will soon start to see and feel the effects of just how your food does influence both your energy levels and your moods. Luckily for us here in Ballito we have “Home Grown” where you can collect a bag of organically grown, farm fresh produce every Friday afternoon. I got a beautiful bag this week with the following in : 1 pineapple, 7 bananas, 7 sweet potatoes, 4 potatoes, green beans, cherry tomatoes(about 1kg) 3 different color peppers, 1 very large cucumber(I haven’t eaten this for the longest time as they are sprayed the MOST), mint, chillies and lettuce (3 different) . All of these fresh nutrient full and chemical free heavenly produce ! I named their bag, orgasmically organic ! I promptly made myself the hugest salad with ALL of the ingredients bar the potatoes and bananas. I added a handful of roasted almonds, tossed in a teaspoon of flaxseed oil, herbal salt and splash of balsamic ! My energy levels were back to normal in about 45 minutes ! Try it for yourself, you will not regret it. If you still need convincing, google chemicals  or pesticides and their affects on the central nervous system. The e mail address for orders from home grown is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Lets please support this very resourceful young lady so we don’t lose her , she is offering us a lifeline !

Wellness Fair KZN

on Thursday, 14 March 2013. Posted in Dates and Schedules

8th June Umhlali Primary School
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Wellness Fair KZN

So its full steam ahead with the planning for the first wellness fair here in Umhlali, KZN. I have been busy securing the venue, setting up the website and arranging demonstations and classes for the enjoyment of the whole family. Please feel free to send in requests and/or suggestions as to what you would like to participate in or watch etc. It is your fair, please contribute with ideas for us. That way we can try to give you as much as possible and collectively enjoy a great day of fun, health and play !The website is still very new, i will start adding to it shortly.

as always




on Sunday, 03 March 2013. Posted in Dates and Schedules

first ever yoga festival KZN, North Coast 8th June 9.00 - 18.00
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It is with great joy I announce the upcoming YOGA FESTIVAL in Kwazulu Natal. Being new in the area, it has been a frustrating journey trying to find  a suitable venue for both our requirements and our pockets. After much searching I came across the perfect venue at Umhlali Primary School. Our yoga classes will be held both indoors and outdoors, in the very large hall and under cover outside. There is plenty of space under cover for stall holders and for our treatment centre. If there is anyone wishing to host a stall with yoga related merchandise please contact me as soon as possible as space is limited.( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )If anyone from surrounding areas would like to be part of this Yoga Love and lead a class/workshop, mail me asap as well.

This is to be the start of an annual event, so please pass along the information to studios, friends and business' you think might contribute to the collective Yogic energy.

Lets make  this Saturday the 8th June, an unforgettable day of family fun, yoga, meditation, healthy food and loads of laughter .


Cheryl Lancellas

A meaningful quickie ! (referring to the short article)

on Wednesday, 20 February 2013. Posted in Dates and Schedules

Plan ahead !
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A meaningful quickie ! (referring to the short article)

A very happy day ahead to everyone ! Both my Elands Bay  and the 8-10th March retreats are now fully booked. I have the next retreat planned for 10-12th May,  and then again 16-18th August.(up here on North Coast) It is a great way for a few friends to get away for a healthy weekend to celebrate a birthday.  Remember, you dont have to all be practising yogis or yoginis, allowances are made for partners less enthusiastic for this ancient art. So plan a weekend with your loved ones. If your partner is a golfer, I have had excellent feedback from golfers staying with us for fri, sat and leaving to play golf at lunchtime Sunday. They have reported " their best game ever" The increase in concentration and balance is the explanation !

I am still waiting on confirmation for the preferred venue for the first ever KZNYoga festival, so keep your eyes on this space! I will be looking for any contributors, either in a teaching, demonstratiive or  stall holder capacity.

A thought for later in the year : I am planning on taking a group of 6 people across to Varkala for a 10 day stay. This will entail daily ayurvedic treatments, yoga sessions and lots of rest and recuperation! Varkala is ideally situated on the pristine coastline, surrounded by palms and tropical trees and birdlife. The cuisine, as you all know, is sumptuous. So start putting some pennies away and reserve your place now. Dates are still open to suggestion or request until end of March, then decisions have to be made. For photos of this venue go to my facebook page.

Thought for the day :

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.

The secret of getting ahead, is getting started.

With Love, compassion and Ahimsa

as always, Cheryl

Yoga and Mental health

on Tuesday, 12 February 2013.

Self management
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Yoga and Mental health


A very warm welcome to all our new subscribers, I sure hope we get to meet in person during the course of this year ! Having said that, I am rather perturbed by the reality of today’s  date!  Unbelievably  it’s almost midway in the second month of 2013. Phew, time sure moves by fast. It brings to mind a comment made by someone I knew a while back . it was :  “He has one foot on a banana  skin,    the other foot in the grave !” At the time it was directed at an elderly farmer , which I did think was inappropriate, but have never forgotten it anyway. Sometimes it feels that way. That is why I am eternally grateful to yoga and all it has taught me. While in the ashram now I found myself to be frustrated at times, mainly because I felt we could be moving along with this course at a better pace. I sat myself down to investigate this emotion, queried why it came up, then asked myself what was the hurry ? Where was I so impatient to get to ? After giving that some thought, I settled into the pace which was set for us, not only tolerating it, but actually being “ in “ it fully. We all have our moments of being either impatient, intolerant, irritable, moody and even inexplicably angry. Most  often  we don’t take the time necessary to analyse where these feelings are coming from. Once we do, there is firstly an understanding and secondly a solution and they are less likely to interrupt our lives as often. The very word “YOGA” literally means “integration” at all levels of one’s existence. Yoga is both “state” and “process”. As a process it is a means to integration. As a state, it is a psycho-physiological balance, signifying a holistic personality integration. ( as explained by Dr. R S Bhogal in yoga and mental health) The answer then is to make time to sit quietly, still both the body and the mind, let the inner peace find you. While in a lecture with Dr Bhogal, we had a practical session of meditation, he commented on what “ meditation” actually is. He said that meditation cannot be done, it just happens. You set the stage for it, make the necessary preparations, then just sit . Do not anticipate anything. Just be right there, right then. His techniques were most effective and everyone in the session had a unique experience.

So if I am able to offer any words of advice for the year ahead, in which it seems the only certainty is uncertainty, make time to meditate. It will prove to be your savior, your sanity and your health !

Dr Bhogal signed my book and wrote the following in the cover :      “ The path of spirituality is ever fresh and exciting if we simply continue with it. “

With these words in mind I am hosting 2 upcoming retreats with yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditation being the focus for finding our inner strength that will lead us to our Peace. The dates for these are :

26-28th Feb   Elands Bay, West Coast Cape Town

8-10th March  Ballito, Kzn

Looking forward to meeting you and sharing some time and energy !

With love and compassion


Yoga Safari

on Wednesday, 02 January 2013. Posted in General

My next part of the Yogic journey
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Yoga Safari


The next part of my Yogic journey is about to begin. I have collected my foreign exchange, packed my torch, mosquito repellant, immodiums, clothing I consider to be "moral" and not revealing and i'm busy enjoying the last few comforts of home. It is with mixed feelings that I dwell on what lies ahead of me. I am off to my Ashram in Nasik, India for a month of study, both physical and mental. This time around I am so much more organised. I still arrive at the most ungodly hour of 12.30pm but have pre-arranged transportation directly to the train station for which I have already bought my ticket. The wonderful world of electronic payments and internet. So I guess you can say, I have joined up with the rest of the world, finally .

I look forward to the strict routine, daily meditations, asanas and pranayamas, delicious meals and simply heavenly sunrises and mountains. I even relish the thought of 7 days of complete silence. What i'm not excited about is amount of time we spend sitting on the floor. I find it very tough going but I guess its the discomfort that is the only thing keeping me awake for the 9pm discussions.

My previous trips have been so enjoyable, taken me so deep inside, taught me so very much that i'm anticipating some incredible experiences and new relationships with some wonderful like minded people.

I hope to return home in February with lots of new knowledge, wisdom and an even greater inner peace.

I will be coming back home to work hard on the plans for the Yoga festival on 8th June here in KZN.

Keep walking the talk, be happy





Cheryl Lancellas / Fully-qualified Yoga Teacher
Contact: (+27)(0) 32 586 1219   ~   (+27)(0) 84 090 2083   ~   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.